Orion SD


Save and Share your Experience

Orion SD saves and stores your Digital Video as well as your Still Frame Captures
of your medical procedures on High Quality DVD-Video and on USB devices.

to record on any USB device OR directly onto standard DVD+RW discs
both high-quality video as well as capture still frames with ease
Familiar play, record, capture, pause make it incredibly easy to use

Features and Benefits of the Orion SD:

  • More detailed captures thanks to higher quality video images compressed in MPEG-2 with DVD-Video Quality
  • High Quality and detailed videos as well as Still Frames will allow you analyze outside the Operating Room the recorded interventions for communication and/or teaching purposes
  • 3 Recording modes are available depending on your choice of Quality versus File Size
  • Orion is easy to use thanks to its intuitive Front Panel features with standard Play, Record, Capture and Pause
  • Orion Supports the rewritable DVD-Video mode which allows you to use standard DVD+RW discs
  • The DVD+RW standard is common to most Home DVD-Video players and will playback in all Computer Readers
  • This format offers the best quality possible and extended recording time (up to Three Hours of HQ Video)
  • Orion is built around a Robust Chassis with Medical Grade Power supply, designed for intensive usage in Medical Environment.

Flexible options plus ease of use:

Easy to Use
High-Quality DVD-Video
Still Frame Capture
Medical Grade design
Standard DVD+RW discs

Orion is a Complete, Flexible and Innovative Digital Recording Solution dedicated to Medical working Environments.

Tech Specs
  • Recording System: DVD Writer with Real Time DVD-Video recording.
  • Video Inputs and Outputs: Composite and S-Video.
  • Video Standards: Pal and NTSC.
  • Video Recording Compression Format: MPEG-2.
  • Length of Recording: 60 min (HQ) 120 min (SP) 180 Min (LP).
  • Remote Control: RS-232 & RS-422 (Opto-isolated).
  • Storing Temperature: -40C to +60C.
  • Operating Temperature: +5C to +40C.
  • Operating Humidity: 20% to 80%.
  • Medical Norms: IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-4
  • (Requirements for Safety of Medical Electrical Equipment, as well as with special national conditions for United States, Canada and Europe).
  • Tested and assessed by TÜVRheinland® as found compliant with above mentioned standards.
  • Supplied accessories: User Guide, Command Protocol, AC power cord, cables.
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